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Collodion Wet Plate - Trials

Here we go everyone... here is the project I have been ‘secretly’ working for the past couple of months, to get this camera and equipment back in working order.

As you can see with the 1904-1910, Thornton Pickard Triple Imperial Extension Quatar Plate Camera has been well used. Luckily with my Dad been well experienced with woodwork, he has managed to repair the camera and produce a new modern tripod stand. Currently, we are both creating American Oak silver and fixing boxes which are nearly completed.

However, this has not stopped me experimenting with the camera and after five goes in my protective uniform looking like a scene from a psycho movie...mad scientist.. I have managed to produce my first wet plate image (below).

As you can see it was a successful first plate. There is still refinement to do with the technique/handling, but onwards and upwards. I look forward to sharing more images in due course.


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