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In the Studio: Caliburn (Band)

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Finally, I get to show off my studio skills and techniques for a client and I am finally impressed with what I can achieve. Yes, I am highly self-critical, at times I don't help myself. I was given a great opportunity to help publicize a newly created rock, metal band called Caliburn based within the Northampton area. As you can see all these images, they give a professional backing to allow them to publicize. The resulting image have been cropped and matted to give them that overall look and aesthetic they require. I look forward to working with these guys further after the summer holidays...

Please note: There is one band member missing due to availability.

Members in this shoot: Kyle, Bailey, Ewan and Niall

To see more of this series, please visit the studio page, under 'other'.

[Canon 600D, ISO 100: 50mm lens with Softbox]


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