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Christopher James Clawson is a Lincolnshire based freelance alternative, experimental and general photographer with over nine years of experience. Graduating from the University of Northampton in July 2018 with a BA (Hons) Photography Degree, his primary focus within the final two years of the course looked at memory within the inanimate and cultural history. The academic journey has allowed his skills to grow/flourish in both a conceptual, fine art, design, editorial and exhibition contexts.

His mission is to keep photography as a physical holdable form and not just a view-on screen medium, as the main interest focuses heavily on traditional (film based) and alternative photographic-processes. The project work has been displayed in galleries within the East/West Midlands and London.

“As a photographer, with keen interests in a variety of fields it is hard for me to focus on one area at a time. Growing up in the digital world has been beneficial but at the same time I felt my life was enclosed in the motion of pressing a switch - especially when looking at it in the terms of a digital photograph. I feel the traditional photograph just like film, will soon be a thing of the past. My focus is to keep photography as a specialist medium and the memorability of the form/object alive".

He is bestly known as (his trademark).. The 'wacky' shirt wearer photographer.

Portrait of Chris J Clawson

Portrait of Self. Credit EL


2015 - 2018: BA (Hons) Photography, University of Northampton, UK

2013 - 2015: Extended Diploma Art and Design (Photography) Level 3, Boston College, UK

2011 - 2013: Specialist Certificate (Photography) Level 2, St. Georges Academy - Sleaford, UK

Group/Collaborative Exhibitions

2017: Changing Landscapes of Northampton, "Under Construction" - Avenue Gallery Northampton, UK

2016: End of Year Exhibition, Photogram Abstracts, Creative Collaboration, Northampton, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2018: "Through The Looking Glass" - BA Degree Show; Avenue Campus, University of Northampton, UK

2018: "Through The Looking Glass" - Free Range, London, UK

2017: "Feminism 'Porcelain' and The Exploration of Self" - University Northampton; Avenue Campus, UK

2015: "Social Media Personalities" - Boston College; Fydell House, UK

2014: "Chemigrams of Nature" - Boston College; White Hart Hotel (Final Year Exhibition), UK

Professional Experience and Work

2018: Volunteered at the NN' Contemporary (Multi-Discipline) - Art Gallery, Northampton, UK

2017: Photoshop Editing and Techniques; Day Course - University of Northampton, UK

2017: Photographer - Caliburn (Band), Northampton, UK

2017: B/W Photographic Darkroom Demonstrator - Open Day Workshop, University of Northampton, UK

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